About us

   We are a church that desires to see all of our neighbors enjoy the blessings of God and desires to walk with Christ as he fulfills his mission on the earth.  We believe that all people are of worth to God and that He wants to have a relationship with them.  However, because of our own failures to live up to God's expectations (the Bible calls this sin), we cannot have the intimate, personal relationship we need and were created for.  Jesus had to come and put himself forward as the one who took the deserved punishment for our failures and sin.  Because of that, God can look at us and see that Jesus' sacrifice covers all our shortcomings.  Because of Jesus, God no longer counts them against us and we can enter into an honest to goodness personal relationship with the Creator of the universe.  It is almost unimaginable what we have been offered.  But like any offering, we have to make it our own by humbling ourselves, admitting we can't do it alone,  ask Jesus to forgive our sins and acknowledge God's control in our lives.  Eternal life begins there and well....... will continue into eternity.

Awoke at dawn, Put on my shoes: to Galilee I went

To hear this man named Jesus, They say he's heaven sent


When I arrived the crowd was huge: no seat could I find

I went to town and found a place: there I supped and dined


A setting sun, I should get back: Paid for the food I ate.

When I returned Jesus had gone;  I guess I was too late


Jerusalem is where he is; Hosanna is the cheer

But then they yelled "crucify"  and no one shed a tear


I had to see him this time; I didn't want to wait.

Past Roman guards and up the hill; I guess I was too late.


A blackened sky: a shaking earth;  time seemed to stand still.

The Son of God, the hope of man. A prophecy fulfilled.


The veil was torn from the top;  how could this be so?

For those who don't believe on him there is a life of woe.


They placed him in a guarded tomb; I thought to lay in state.

It was empty on day three; I guess I was too late.


Some say he's walking on the earth; He's risen from the dead.

He paid a price I just can't grasp; my own death brings me dread.


In heaven now is where he sits; from there he bears my weight.

I try to pray each morn and night; sometimes it's just too late.


The Bible says he's coming back, with trumpets blaring loud

An event like that is sure to draw and overwhelming crowd.


On that day he will judge the world and all will know their fate

I'm going to try to get there.


I hope it's not too late.



Jayne Olivieri 1/23/2009